We love them and so do you.  With our contacts and the buying power of over 600 avid riders we are offered many deals throughout the year.  We will only post deals worthy of you, so let us know what is on offer and we can post it right here!

Mikes Bikes will be opening more stores to add to their current line up of 10 stores, making them not only the largest Specialized independent dealer in North America but a great place to shop for quality and value due to their buying power...and if you join our "Sunday Spins" Ride, Mikes Bikes are offering a 15% discount on parts, clothing and accessories!   Check out our friends at

RoadID???  Yes, this is possibly one of the BEST "deals" we can offer you!!!  PEACE OF MIND.  We have been using the RoadID wrist bands for years on club rides but they are probably even more important when you go out on your own.  Use them for group rides, solo rides, runs, walks, swims, races...and yes you can even sleep with them on too.  Click on the RoadID image above and buy yours today and most importantly, start wearing them.  A small portion of the proceeds are donated back by RoadID to Echelon Riders Club to support our programs, so we are all winners.  It is the smart choice.

Contact Tammy Scott at or TEL: 415-380-9629 for the best deal!  Say you saw it here!

In another first for Echelon Riders Club, in 2012 MCBC made Echelon Riders Club an "Affiliate".  As part of the Affiliate program, MCBC will promote our programs and our weekly rides and provide a discounted membership to MCBC for all Echelon Riders Club members down from $40 to $25. Here is the special link.

Mikes Bikes are working up some great deals on new bikes and other gear in conjunction with Echelon Riders Club.  Stay tuned.  For current happenings please check out our Facebook page.

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